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NSI Attraction Professional Kit

NSI Attraction Professional Kit


NSI Attraction Professional Kit

Achieve the most vibrant customised pink and white enhancements with NSI's unique blend of tri polymers.

• The Attraction System delivers exceptional adhesion, strength and flexibility.

• The workability of our liquids and powders are unsurpassed and, allowing nail techs the benefit of a unique flow and spring-back action that makes application even easier.

•This comprehensive kit contains all the products you need to do 100 sets of nails. 

Contains: Contains: Attraction Nail Liquid 4fl oz, Seven Attraction Powders: Sheer Pink 40gm, Radiant White 40gm, Radiant Pink 14gm, Totally Clear 40gm, Extreme Pink 7gm, Purely Pink Masque 7gm, Winning White 7gm, Attract (Acid-Free) Primer 1/4 oz, Sani-Pure 2fl oz, Nail Pure Plus 2fl.oz, Cleanse 2 fl oz, Brush Cleaner 2fl oz, Nurture Oil 1/2fl oz, #8 Grand Kolinsky Brush, Large Dappen Dish with Lid, Elation Nail Tips (Natural) 150 ct (assort. #1-10), Elation Nail Tips (Natural) 50 ct, Elation Nail Tips (White) 50 ct, Polybond Adhesive 1/4fl oz, Endurance 100 Grit File, Endurance 180 Grit File, Endurance 150 Grit File, Endurance 180/240 Buffer, Lavender Block Buffer, Glaze N’ Go 7ml, Vanish Cuticle Dissolve 1/4fl oz, 30 Platinum Nail Forms. Instructions & Cautions, Educational DVD.

£114.95+ VAT (£137.94)

All orders are Delivered within 14 days.

Please call the training school if you need any information on 01664567575

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