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Depliatory Waxing

Depliatory Waxing


Depliatory Waxing

The course

This one day course aimed to introduce this popular and highly profitable salon treatment consists of a theory session with a full practical assessment. Emphasis is put on the ability of the therapist to perform a confident and competent wax treatment. You will learn the techniques of warm waxing (pot and roller) and the basic theory of hot film waxing.

Covering legs, underarm, bikini, eyebrow and upper lip

Case studies will need to be completed to gain qualification


The requirements

All students MUST go to a local salon 48 hours before training for a Skin patch Test, you will also be required to sign a disclaimer form before any training takes place. If Any body has an allergic reaction to glue or sticky plasters then you WILL NOT be able to have this treatment done. All students are required to work on each other for this course.



Once a deposit is paid you are accepting the TERMS & CONDITIONS of The Beverley Robinson School of Nails and Beauty



Course Price £150.00 + vat (Deposit £50 + vat)

Duration 1 day

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Quantity:  at  £180.00  each

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