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Electric Filing Course


 Nsi E Filing (Drill) Workshop

£100 plus vat (£120)

The Course

This workshop is designed to teach the safe and efficient use of an electric filing machine. Electric files can add to the overall professionalism of your service, and help reduce the strain on hands, arms and shoulders.

The course is suitable for newly qualified Nail techs & for the experienced nail technician who wishes to improve existing electric filing techniques.

* Students must bring their NSI Acrylic kit & brush (Please bring your drill if you have one) *We have drills available to use if you dont have one.

The Content

  • Health and safety
  • Benifits of using an E file
  • E files available
  • Anchor points
  • Infill/backfill
  • Filing techniques
  • Safe Product removal
  • Reducing time


Course Price £100.00 plus vat (£120)

*Deposit £50 plus vat (£60)

 Once a deposit is paid you are accepting the TERMS & CONDITIONS of The Beverley Robinson School of Nails and Beauty.


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