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Basic Waxing

NSI Depilatory Waxing

 £150 plus vat (£180)

The course

This one day course aimed to introduce this popular and highly profitable salon treatment consists of a theory session with practical assessments through out the training.

Emphasis is put on the ability of the therapist to perform a confident and competent wax treatment. You will learn the techniques of warm waxing (pot) and the basic theory of hot film waxing.

Covering legs, underarm, bikini, eyebrow and upper lip.


*Case studies MAY be required to be completed to gain qualification

This training gives you an industry recognised insurance based NSI Certificate


The requirements


You will be required to sign a disclaimer form before any training takes place.

All students are expected to work on each other for this course.



Once a deposit is paid you are accepting the TERMS & CONDITIONS of The Beverley Robinson School of Nails and Beauty



Course Price £150.00 plus vat

Deposit £50 plus vat (£60)


Nsi Certificate will be received on completion of this training.


Duration 1 day or as a 121 (Half a day) *Models may be required



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