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Tan Eraser

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Item:Tan Eraser



If your a high maintenence chick like all of us here in the office, you'll understand how much stress we go through trying to remove our old patchy stubborn tans before we have another splash of the fake stuff. So I was very eager to try this product out, 1) as every magazine I've read it seems to be featured in and 2) to see if they'd finally invented something that would remove your tan easily enough without having to exfoliate until you looked like a sun dried tomato!!!! (oh and also because I'm a sucker for wanting to own the latest fad and love to spend money I haven't got on myslef). And I have to say, I was amazed by the results!!

The mit comes with a little instruction card, telling you basic steps on how to use it. It has a pink side (light exfoliation) and a black side (deep exfoliation). When I first took it out of the packet, and felt the material it was made out of, I have to say, I was a little pesemistic. The material is so thin and soft, I thought there was no way it would remove my hurrendous mud like stains!!

But I soon found out what all the hype has been about! It did a crazily good job! The instructions tell you to wet the mit the ring it out, step away from the flow of water from the shower, and rub the mit on your skin in circular motions. Soon enough you could clearly see my old tan coming off and dissappearing down the plug whole!! The great thing I found with this product is that my skin hardly went red at all, and after I'd got out the shower my skin felt so smooth and soft. For me, the pink side did the job, and I didnt need to use the black side at all, but I guess it depends on how strong the tan is you have on in the first place!!

Down sides? Admittedly, when I got back under the water to carry on with my soap 'n' suds routine, my skin did sting a little. But I guess it was just the freshley exposed skin getting used to seeing the light of day!!

Over all, a fantastic investment. I would truely reccomend this product to anyone who is partial to a little fakin' of the bakin', especially if you have sensitive skin, as its so gentle. Yes it is a little more pricey than your everyday exfoliating glove, but totally worth the pennies for having to suffer less!! I can see this becoming the essex girls best friend.. An essential in any divas handbag.

All my love

Elle  x

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